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We will create a plan designed to help protect yourself against rising healthcare costs, including:

  • Looking at all aspects of Medicare, Parts A, B &D

  • Long-term care insurance options

  • Planning for the costs of nursing homes or home care

Most retirement income planning focuses on two of the three major retirement risks: investments and longevity risk.


What about the risk of "spending shocks" when it's too late?

Long-term care (LTC) spending represents one of the most severe spending shocks that can impact retirees. Long-term care is a general category for care related to physical, mental, social, and medical needs in the event of significant physical or mental declines. The potential for such decline accelerates with age.

Because costs are high, and the probabilities are not particularly low, most long-term care funding strategies will add significant expenses to a retirement plan, either in the form of insurance premiums or as investments that are set aside as reserves and not available for the rest of the population.

Planning for how to manage these potential expenses is an important part of a retirement income plan. However, it is often overlooked. Many are unwilling to confront the questions and possibilities related to losing their own independence.